Sunday, March 4, 2007

Romie being sarcastic at brunch

Jodi said, "there's a great place to study in the student center with floor to ceiling windows," with a tone as if to imply that she knew about a fantastic secret no one else knew about. Little did she know Romie had already been there with me the other day, so he said "really how novel" in a super sarcastic voice mimmicking a particularly fancy British man. This is what his face looked like while saying it.

Seth wikipedia'ing

Seth trying to look up the 5 plus 3 precepts of vipassana

Seth spent the night

Seth on the phone negotiating a vegan brunch

Jodi lauging about "butt butt"

So there's this thing called a buttbutt. I call Jodi a buttbutt a lot and I don't think she knew what it was. In fact a buttbutt is a fully functioning miniature butt which is embedded in a regular size butt. That is, a buttbutt is the butt of a butt, or a butt's butt, or a butt on a butt. So I drew her a picture of her being a buttbutt and emailed it to her at Luna Cafe. When she opened the email this is what she looked like.

Braids in jodi's pelo

Jodi getting ready (long long process)