Monday, July 12, 2010

Inspring sparkfun tour

Thanks to Nathan for what turned out to be a really inspiring tour of
a company that is doing a lot of innovative stuff!!!!! As always it
was blogged chronologically so you may want to read from bottom to
top. I'm on my way to the airport right now so the whole writeup is
from the super shuttle van on a phone.


Soldering station view

Soon to be a million widgets produced

Example of a datalogger board in production

Super pro rework stations

Great laid back atmosphere

Everyone seems to set things up how they want.

Also there was a sweet summer school going on about how to make

Sparkfun shipping

Dogs and rap music are welcomed

At sparkfun

Pick and place is human trained

Once'ish per set of boards

Boards are then pick and placed

An put through a conveyer belt oven

Boards (red) are covered in solder paste

Using a laser cut mask and a custom repurposed "paint scraper"

Sparkfun's most sought after conference room

"Chinese stars" left over from arrays of Lillypad circuitboards

Stuck into the ceiling

More than 100 awesome people working

Sparkfun Tour (thanks Nathan)