Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Napkin bonnett Oak at Max Brenner's

I also installed sod in the glass elevator in my lab, and under many peoples desks for their feet

Borrowed sod installed on pedastals in my lab

Modern Antennae Garden by Jay Silver

2 kids and a TV in Cocoa Beach

This was the funniest thing. 2 kids, one in a wheel chair who seemed
to be able to walk cause he kept getting up, found a tv sitting on the
side of the road. They looked around mischieviously and then picked up
the tv and started booking it down the street!! I snapped this photo
running after them.

Jessoak (from March)

A bexley dorm meeting

Doble breast feed at Walden Pond

Oaksploration of electricity

Oak in uteran spacepod from Jeff Lieberman


Is Kissimmee the heart or the butt of FL?

Oak hikes

Oak swims