Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flower in a teapot

Again at Karma, Jodi got "bloom flower tea". After a few minutes of brewing here's what it looks like.

Soymilk = free, Cowmilk = $$$

So I am at Karma yoga studio and cafe in Cambridge. I order a Peruvian decaf and I make sure to ask for some soymilk. They're like, "The soymilk is here on the counter." I look and there's soymilk and ricemilk too. A little confused and curious about why there's no cowmilk I ask them. Their answer? "We have cowmilk behind the counter. It's from a local organic farm (or something like that) and the proceeds go to animal shelters for abused animals (or something like that)." The point being that they charge for cowmilk. Dude...