Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Brother's old band logo when he was 15


Anonymous said...

No only the logo but their first well selling CD cover. Sure would like to hear them LIVE again...great mellolwer punk band that did only their originals.Played all over Brevard County and had quite a following. Although 'punk' is not my forte...the "Not Really Hard Core" is true to the music they played. Beau's drumming and back-up singing is superb! Accused of using a double bass pedal...he just has the fastest right foot in the business!! Wanna' hear more of this kinda' stuff!! Their music fits between rock & punk and is/was a great sound w/some great songs produced and recorded. Maybe Beau's new band from Palo Alto can get into some of the TRENDY's sound?? Brahma Beau's Blasters? be a big hit in S.F. I'm sure. Then he can give up his job as a recording engineer/programmer for Euphonix, play full time and not make any $$, go broke but keep on playin'!! 'till the hit hits us! Yeah...that'd work....xxoo....dad

unique FONT said...

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