Sunday, February 3, 2008

"oneness" not a new discovery

i was reading a review on amazon by someone else about eckhart tolle's new book. here is a snippet from the review, which gave the book one star:
  • There's almost no distinction of this book's essential "teaching" from those you read about in ancient Lao-Tze, Zhuang-Tze, Zen Buddists, and New Age writers. They all exalt "Oneness", universal connections, or "Nothingness". They all "see" through the illusory nature of human perceptions, consciousness, or this reality. And they all offer the promise of another or a deeper "reality" which will transform our sufferings, problems, and conditions of our earth.
the funny part is, i agree, but i give 5 stars.

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Terdbrain said...

Yes, Plato was wrong. I think, therefore I am was all BS.

Just because I think I am, doesn't mean I really am.

Popeye was wrong as well, with his cult religion of I am what I am what I am.

The only person who is right in this world is George Bush who said, we are going to get Bin Laden. And that my friends is why we are still in Iraq.