Monday, February 11, 2008

these ain't airport bag searhces... subway!

coppers are searchin bags every morning on the subway at mass ave orange line (at least)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,
this has nothing to do with the bag search thing.. I lost my email password.. any ways this is regaurding the stripper pole .. I em going to be making 2 of them based off your instructions but, wanted to know if you could help me with something else.. There was this bar that I used to dance at called Oydessy in Flint MI and they had the 2 poles with a "T" Bar this was soo awsome you could swing on that one to hang from in lay acrossed it and everything .. if you could instruct me on how to make such a bar that would be fantastic....
Thank you much


jay said...


you left me no way to contact you. you should email me: